Visual Creation

Let us take care of your 3D modelling and CGI

Maintaining a 3D library of your products and managing CGI deliveries is complex and time consuming. But with Fixtuur’s Visual Creation service, you’re in good hands - we take care of all asset management for you.
CGI render of a bathroom
Trusted by leading brands and retailers
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Leading retailers and brands are helping their customers discover the perfect products for their home directly from their ecommerce website using Visual Commerce from Fixtuur.

What is Visual Creation?

Visual Creation is our end-to-end, fully-managed digitalisation service which manages:

  • The creation and management of 3D models of your products
  • Optimising any existing 3D models you already have
  • The creation of CGI lifestyle and studio imagery for your website and other marketing material
  • Product data which enables our software
CGI render of a bathroom vanity

Bring all your creative needs under one umbrella

We understand that modern retailers need an efficient system for managing their 3D assets, yet have to orchestrate multiple agencies and off-shore suppliers to facilitate their marketing imagery.  

Visual Creation moves all of those complex moving parts under one trusted provider.  

Spell it out for me!

What will Visual Creation bring to your company?

3D model creation

If you don't yet have any 3D models, our team of 3D artists can create them from scratch.

3D model optimisation

If you already own 3D models, we can optimise them to be used by our software and CGI work.

Data setup

We will setup your product configuration and relationship data to support our Visual Commerce platform.

CGI imagery

Our artists can deliver studio and lifestyle CGI rendered imagery, based on your requirements.

Getting started is simple

Bring 3D to your ecommerce store and take the first step on your Visual Commerce journey.

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