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The easy way to add Augmented Reality & Product Configuration to your ecommerce website.
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Leading retailers and brands are helping their customers discover the perfect products for their home directly from their ecommerce website using Visual Commerce from Fixtuur.

Your customers have questions,
our widget has the answers.

Fixtuur's Visual Space solution for garden furniture

Yup, we said it, our widget. After all, that's what Fixtuur is - a Visual Commerce widget that lives directly on your PDPs, no new pages and no downloads.

Even better, it helps to answer the burning questions your customers have when they are shopping online for the perfect product for their home.

Questions like - “Will it fit” or “Will it look good” - you know, the questions that stop them from actually buying a product they like the look of.

And it does it all through 3D visualisation and Augmented Reality. So, when you have our widget on your website, you become Visual Commerce ready, which means you're inspiring and educating your customers as they shop online and giving them the confidence they need to find and buy the perfect product for their home.

Educate, inspire and give them the confidence to buy with Visual Commerce!

Old Way

Before Fixtuur
Transactional Product pages
Before Fixtuur: static product pages make online shopping difficult

New Way

With Fixtuur on your website
With Fixtuur on your ecommerce website, customers are confident to purchase
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So, what do you get with Fixtuur?

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality transforms how customers shop by letting them imagine how products will look, feel and fit in their home.

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Space Designer

Help your customers design and visualise their complete new rooms or garden layout with your products.

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Product Configuration

Help users to explore your product options, for example colour, material and size to help them find the perfect configuration.

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One provider for all your Visual Commerce needs

With Fixtuur’s Visual Creation service, you’re in good hands - we take care of all asset management for you!

Learn more about Visual Creation

Visit our Visual Creation page to see how our 3D asset management services can help your business
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We are already seeing high levels of engagement since we launched Fixtuur on our site recently. We're excited to expand further across our full product range.

- Chris Gillespie
Head of IT
Chris Gillespie

3 reasons to choose Fixtuur

Engage earlier - attract customers at the beginning of their shopping journey

With Fixtuur you make your website a destination that inspires and sparks ideas, and provide value to your customers even before they are ready to buy.

It’s simple - confident customers are more likely to purchase online

With Fixtuur customers can buy can see exactly what a product will look like by letting them visualise it in their own home before they buy.

No surprises - increase purchase satisfaction and reduce returns

With Fixtuur, consumers already know they’ve bought the right product that will fit their needs, which leads to happy customers.

What consumers are saying about Fixtuur


"Brilliant bathroom planner, easy to use. Made my purchase a lot easier."


"Great website and the planning tool was a great additional tool."


"Easy to navigate, great prices and the bathroom planner is such a priceless addition to the site. We could see exactly if what we wanted would fit."


"Very easy to use site. The 3D design was very helpful."


"Loved the 3D design option that we used to get a better idea of how the item will look!"

Getting started is simple

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