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Modular sofa builder

Move away from multiple PDP pages, brochures and in-store consultations and give customers the ability to easily piece together and style the perfect sofa for their home directly from your website using an intuitive and visual 3D commerce experience.

A banner showing how Modular sofa buidler is nominated for best B2C UX in ecommerce

Increase engagement time and convert more sales faster.

Speed up sales cycles.

Buying a sofa can be a long and daunting process, with Modular Sofa Builder you can ensure customers head to checkout confidently the moment they’re happy with their design.

Deepen engagement.

Flipping between PDP pages and guessing how things might look creates confusion and leads to high bounce rates. With Modular Sofa Builder you can keep customers engaged in their design journey from first click right through to checkout.

Maximise Sales.

Making it easy to visualise a sofa means customers are more likely to build something bigger than what they had previously imagined. By making the design process seamless, you can ensure you have the best chance of getting a sale from every potential customer.

Create the perfect shape.

Build the perfect shape for any home in seconds using an intuitive interface that brings your customers vision to life.

Add some style.

Let customers quickly try out different fabric swatches with ease. Change the legs or any other configurable property in an instant.

See it in your home.

Lift the finished sofa off the screen and into a customers home with Augmented Reality.

Everything else.

Add to cart.

Give customers a price breakdown of the total sofa build and let them add every piece to your basket with ease.


Help customers understand how big (or small) the full sofa is so they can make design decisions quickly whilst ensuring the sofa will fit in their space.

Save & share.

Help customers who need to go away and return later by offering them a simply share link to return to their sofa or send it to friends and family.


Built for retailers.
Designed for customers.

Hands off setup

Save your developers time and let us do all the hard work for you with setup and integration that works across every ecommerce platform.

Anywhere, any device

Fixtuur is built to engage customers online and in-store - on any device from anywhere in the world, so you never miss a sale.

3D modelling sorted

We handle all of your 3D modelling needs to ensure you can support any tool on our Visual Commerce Platform.

Bring modular to your website today.