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Physically explore products - virtually

3D exploration, AR and configuration all working together.


Spin, zoom and pan products in 3D, manipulate colours and sizes whilst configuring additional parts, place products in a customers home with Augmented Reality.


Showcase your products from every angle.

Go beyond 2D images by showcasing your products from every angle using a 3D scene that puts your products front and centre


Present dimensions in a way that makes sense.

Give customers a visual way to see dimensional information and help them get a full understanding of a every products width, height and depth.


Change variants in a flash and speed up decision making.

Make deciding on the right colour and size easy and visual by updating product properties in one click, then seeing the result update in real time.


Configure additional parts and increase AOV.

Automatically add extra items to anything that supports multiple items, change properties and adjust fittings for a truly personalised configuration journey that can be started from any PDP page, and any product.


Reduce returns with Augmented Reality.

Answer questions like ‘will it fit?’ or ‘does it match?’ and reduce returns by letting customers see a product in their home before they commit purchase.


Help customers get a clear picture.

Increase AOV

Adding products together and creating full configurations boosts your AOV as customers checkout with multiple items instead of one.

Deepen engagement

Customers who use Explorer find themselves more immersed in your products, being able to see every angle and configure every part draws them deeper into your catalogue

Reduce returns

Augmented Reality is proven to reduce the amount of returns you receive as shoppers see items in their home and are confident when they purchase.


Built for retailers.
Designed for customers.

Hands off setup

Save your developers time and let us do all the hard work for you with setup and integration that works across every ecommerce platform.

Anywhere, any device

Fixtuur is built to engage customers online and in-store - on any device from anywhere in the world, so you never miss a sale.

3D modelling sorted

We handle all of your 3D modelling needs to ensure you can support any tool on our Visual Commerce Platform.

Make the right purchase happen everytime with explorer


Increase AOV, reduce returns and create a great customer experience.