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Get better visual content - faster

Your personal 3D asset and CGI partner.

Say hello to Studio, your personal team of 3D modellers and animators who help you showcase your products in their best light using beautiful CGI imagery and animation whilst getting you ready to support the Fixtuur platform.



Model creation ready for everything

Turn technical drawings into beautiful, high quality 3D assets that are ready for your website, and ready for the Fixtuur platform.


Say goodbye to photoshoots.

Wave goodbye to lengthy photoshoots and in-house editing. Let our team create brand aware lifestyle imagery that enhances your website and draws customers into your products.


Show every detail

Support your marketing team and your store with engaging video content that puts your products front and centre.


Provide clarity to customers

Visually explain the finer details of your products with animated video content that gives customers ultimate clarity and helps them make a purchase.

Fixtuur ready

Every asset we create for you is ready to be used in the Fixtuur platform, so alongside having great visual content - you also can become a Visual Commerce retailer.


Better than real.

Get products to market faster

CGI helps you bring products to market before they hit the warehouse so you can start getting sales through faster.

Create a consistent brand image

The scenes you create with us can be reused again and again, letting you create consistency across marketing, sales and retail touch-points.

Save yourself time & money

CGI from us is far more efficient than lengthy photoshoots and editing sessions, it's also a lot cheaper...


Built for retailers.
Designed for customers.

Our design ethos strives to improve customer experience through software that truly helps customers experience everything you sell. We never stop improving and we never stop learning.

It's time to put down the camera.


Make CGI from Studio a part of your retail business.