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Turn customers into interior designers.

Finally, a room planner everyone can use.

Give customers a simpler way to design every room in their home using products, coverings and decorations from your existing catalogue. Finish by giving them the grand tour then send everything to basket or book an in-store appointment.


Create accurate floor plans

Choose a shape, enter dimensions and create a room reflective of a customer’s real world space - ready for furnishing.


Add and customise products from your catalogue

See how products work together within the room and ensure they fit, match their style and most importantly - are within budget.


Decorate walls and floors with coverings.

Add the final flourishes by adding a coat of paint, carpeting floors and tiling surfaces.


Generate footfall with send to store.

Let customers send their creations to your in-store design team and speed through design consultations with highly engaged leads.


Give customers the full tour.

Explore the final design as if it was already built and give customers the confidence to purchase.


Make home renovation simple.

Speed up sales cycles

By letting customers design their home in their own time, you can drastically cut down your design led sales cycles.

Deepen engagement

Space is a creative tool and as such, customers become more immersed in your catalogue as they explore more products to suit their design.

2-3x Increase AOV

Customers who design their home using space are more likely to buy all of the items they need from you instead of shopping around.


Built for retailers.
Designed for customers.

Hands off setup

Save your developers time and let us do all the hard work for you with setup and integration that works across every ecommerce platform.

Anywhere, any device

Fixtuur is built to engage customers online and in-store - on any device from anywhere in the world, so you never miss a sale.

3D modelling sorted

We handle all of your 3D modelling needs to ensure you can support any tool on our Visual Commerce Platform.

Happier homes are built with Space.


Whether In-store or online, space has the tools your customers need to build their perfect home - and buy it all with you.