Why now is the time for home & garden retailers to embrace Visual Commerce

July 7, 2022
James Lewis

It’s no secret that the way consumers are shopping today for home decor, furniture and furnishings has shifted. Smart phones, social media, mobile commerce, Covid-19. All of these have had some hand in changing the way today’s consumers shop.

Retailers can feel it, too. Shopping for home decor and furniture used to be a very physical experience. People needed to see, touch and feel products before purchasing. But today consumers expect to be able to find inspiration, do research and even make purchases complete online.

Static ecommerce product pages are no longer fit for purpose. With more choices and options than ever before, consumers need a more dynamic online shopping experience if they’re going to part with their hard-earned cash.

They want inspiration and education to give them the confidence to purchase.

“Will this product fit in my room?”

“What options are available?”

“Will it look good with the rest of my other furniture and decor?

What is Visual Commerce?

Visual Commerce is the new way that retailers are solving this problem. It’s about engaging with consumers, on their terms and in their own home, with an exciting and delightful experience.

Consumers are able to explore, configure and visualise a retailer’s products, in real-time 3D directly on the ecommerce product page and then view that product in their home with Augmented Reality.

Consumers are demanding Visual Commerce

32% of consumers are already using Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is a technology that consumers are already famliiar with. Nearly a third of consumers are already using AR today.

66% of consumers are interested in using AR for shopping
A shift towards online shopping has meant that consumers need more information to help them find the right products for their home. Two thirds of consumers are interested in using AR to help them make purchasing decisions

77% of consumers believe retailers need to invest in new technology
Consumers are always looking for newer and more engaging experiences and this is backed up by the fact that 77% of consumers believe that retailers need to continuously invest in new technology to meet their evolving expectations.

92% of Generation Z consumers what to use AR for shopping
It probably won't be a surprise that younger demographics are demanding more from retailers, but a whopping 92% stated they want to use AR in their shopping experiences.

Leading brands are already winning with Visual Commerce

Here are some of the incredible stats being seen by leading brands already:

13% increase in Average Order Value
Furniture brand CB2 recently found that product pages featuring 3D and AR experiences drove 21% higher revenue per visit and a 13% lift in average order size.

94% increase in conversion rate
Shopify has stated that interactions with products that have 3D/AR included showed a 94% higher conversion rate, than products without.

11x more likely to purchase
Houzz introduced an AR app to aid their customer shopping experience of interior design products and found customers are 11 times more likely to make a purchase through AR.

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