Freshening up Fixtuur

October 20, 2023
Ashley Fenlon

We've been in a creative overdrive lately, taking a deep dive into our identity as a business and our future direction. In this introspective journey, we've also had a heart-to-heart about how we're going to present Fixtuur moving forward.

Back in 2021, when we first unleashed Fixtuur upon the world, we were in a rush. To be brutally honest, we didn't quite have a grip on our own identity. We were a startup creating top-notch Visual Commerce software, but beyond that, we were a bit fuzzy about who we really were and how we wanted to be seen.

But like any personality, it evolves with time. You discover more about yourself, your likes and dislikes, and your journey shapes the kind of person you become.

Since 2021, we've been on this self-discovery adventure, and now we know our personality inside out. The catch? It's a well-kept secret, known only within the confines of our Fixtuur bubble.

It's high time we step out into the world and reveal the true Fixtuur to everyone…

Who are we?

Our logo is stripped down with angular shapes giving a nod to our home decor roots

We're a brand that embraces simplicity and clarity. No jargon overload, no overly complicated software. Our previous branding was like a chaotic fireworks display, doing nothing for our clients or us. It led to confusion, with different employees creating content in their own unique ways.

We've stripped it all down, keeping things clean and minimal. This way, you can focus on finding out how our software benefits your customers and your business.

A cleaner palette

The Fixtuur pink still holds its ground, but it's used sparingly to highlight crucial information and calls to action. The yellows, aquas and navy’s are all gone, replaced with a minimal black and white palette that ensures our software is what captures your attention.

What’s that font?

Our old font was too playful and always felt like it was more prominent that our visuals. Our new font is sleek and understated, it elevates our visual message without stealing the spotlight.

Communication is key

We communicate succinctly and directly, avoiding jargon and complexity. We're here to tackle your business's complex problems with innovative software. We don't need to brag about complexity to seem smart; the end results of our software speak volumes.

Bold visuals

And when it comes to visuals, that's our focal point. We'd rather show you what we do than tell you how we do it. As you navigate our fresh website and dive into our content, our visuals will paint a clear picture of what we bring to the table. After all, we are the Visual Commerce company.

So, with all that said, we’ll stop talking now and let our new website speak for itself so you can see how Fixtuur helps your shoppers experience everything.

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