Visual Space

Make home renovation a visual Space Odyssey

Whether you sell bathroom suites or garden furniture sets, Visual Space turns your customers into interior designers, allowing them to design, configure and visualise their living space with your products.
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Leading retailers and brands are helping their customers discover the perfect products for their home directly from their ecommerce website using Visual Commerce from Fixtuur.

What is Visual Space?

Visual Space is a way to help your customers design and visualise their room or space in 3D.

It’s an ideal solution for spaces such as gardens, bathrooms and nurseries which are typically redecorated and refurbished in one go.

Fixtuur’s Visual Space solution lets consumers design their room or space from your website, with your products.

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Visual Space answers the critical questions that gives consumers the confidence to purchase

Will it fit?

Users can enter the shape and dimensions of the room or space that they are looking to renovate. Now they can add your products into that virtual space and see how they will work together and crucially, will they all fit in their space.

How will it look in real life?

It’s one things to view a 3D version of their layout, but consumers will always struggle to imagine what it will actually look like in their actual home.

Augmented Reality places their completed design directly in their home, and answers those questions immediately.

3 reasons to choose Fixtuur

Engage earlier - attract customers at the beginning of their shopping journey

With Fixtuur you make your website a destination that inspires and sparks ideas, and provide value to your customers even before they are ready to buy.

It’s simple - confident customers are more likely to purchase online

With Fixtuur customers can buy can see exactly what a product will look like by letting them visualise it in their own home before they buy.

No surprises - increase purchase satisfaction and reduce returns

With Fixtuur, consumers already know they’ve bought the right product that will fit their needs, which leads to happy customers.

Getting started is simple

Help your customers design and plan their dream space using your product catalogue.

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