Bring your product pages to life

With Fixtuur on your website, your product pages come alive. Consumers can explore, visualise, and design layouts with your products.
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Leading retailers and brands are helping their customers discover the perfect products for their home directly from their ecommerce website using Visual Commerce from Fixtuur.

Fixtuur is a Visual Commerce widget that lives directly on your product pages and inspires, educates and gives consumers confidence to purchase, though 3D visualisation and augmented reality.

Visual Inspiration

Lift your product off the page and into a customers home

Augmented Reality inspires consumers by letting them see how a product will fit in their space.

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Explore products in 3D and Augmented Reality

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Simple integration directly into your website's product pages

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Web native, no app required

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Using Augmented Reality to visualise a radiator
Visual Configuration

Help consumers discover the exact product they need for their space

Excite and inspire customers with configurations tools that let them customise every aspect of a product in 3D.

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Configure products easily via a simple UI

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Supports complex and modular products with multiple options

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View configurations instantly with integrated Augmented Reality

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Using Visual Configuration to configure and visualise a vanity unit.
Visual Space

Design entire rooms and outdoor spaces

Whether you sell bathroom suites or garden furniture sets, Visual Space turns your customers into interior designers, allowing them to design and visualise their living space with your products.

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Layout products from your catalogue in a 3D space

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Compatible with bathrooms, gardens, bedrooms and more

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Explore completed designs via Augmented Reality

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Using Visual Space to visualise a garden furniture layout
And the rest...

Here's everything else Fixtuur offers

Save and share
Save & Share

Decorating a home is rarely a solo endeavour. Our share functionality lets users create a snapshot of their design by generating a simple URL which can be saved for later, transferred to another device or shared with a friend, family or store colleague.

Cart integration
Cart Integration

Fixtuur makes the journey from AR, configuration and space design to basket seamless, with a one-click button which adds all their current products into their checkout on your website, helping you increase conversions and AOV.

Fixtuur widget
Fixtuur Widget

Fixtuur’s Visual Commerce functionality is simple to integrate and is available to your users as a widget that is fully accessible from any page at anytime on your ecommerce website.

We are already seeing high levels of engagement since we launched Fixtuur on our site recently. We're excited to expand further across our full product range.

- Chris Gillespie
Head of IT, Moda Furnishings
Chris Gillespie

3 reasons to choose Fixtuur

Engage earlier - attract customers at the beginning of their shopping journey

With Fixtuur you make your website a destination that inspires and sparks ideas, and provide value to your customers even before they are ready to buy.

It’s simple - confident customers are more likely to purchase online

With Fixtuur customers can buy can see exactly what a product will look like by letting them visualise it in their own home before they buy.

No surprises - increase purchase satisfaction and reduce returns

With Fixtuur, consumers already know they’ve bought the right product that will fit their needs, which leads to happy customers.

A collage of Fixtuur solutions in action on many devices