How Moda Furnishings uses Fixtuur to increase sales by inspiring & educating their customers

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Moda Furnishings is a garden furniture retailer, based in Manchester, UK. Their in-house design team were tasked to create luxurious outdoor furniture ranges that are not only comfortable but practical and visually appealing.

Whilst they do have a handful of showrooms in the UK, the majority of their sales are through their website and delivered from their warehouse based in Manchester. So their website needs to offer a great experience, both in terms of inspiring and educating their customers.


A key challenge they faced was that customers didn’t fully understand the options and possibilities that were available from their modular ranges. For example, sofas can be chosen in straight, L-shape or U shape, with different amounts of seats and colours, and be accompanied by various tables, firepits and chairs.

In addition, customers were often unsure as to whether a complete furniture set would fit in their outdoor space.

Up to now, Moda had tried to resolve this by curating a large number of garden furniture sets across the different ranges they offer, designed to fulfil different customers and use-cases, but customers were still not able to customise these bundles for their specific needs.

Moda needed a tool that could visually help their customers to configure their own bespoke furniture set and see if it would fit in their garden.

Fixtuur’s Visual Commerce platform

Moda Furnishings turned to Fixtuur and deployed our Visual Commerce platform onto their website.

Fixtuur's Visual Space integrated directly into Moda's product page

Initial onboarding and setup

The onboarding process was efficient and quick. Fixtuur worked closely with the Moda team to create 3D models of their furniture and onboard the products and metadata into the platform.


Moda chose a combination of Fixtuur’s Visual Space and Visual Inspiration solutions, which were integrated directly into their product pages and employed Fixtuur’s Visual Creation service for 3D model creation and CGI rendering.

Visual Inspiration

Visual Inspiration adds web-based Augmented Reality (AR) functionality into a website. With Visual Inspiration deployed to Moda’s product pages, visitors can now very quickly tap a button and view the furniture set in their own outdoor space in Augmented Reality. They can move their device around to explore the furniture up close and see exactly how it will look and fit in their space.

For users on desktop devices, they are shown a QR code which when scanned with their mobile opens up the AR experience instantly.

Visual Space

Visual Space is a widget that lives on Moda’s product pages and allows website visitors to open and view a garden furniture set in a 3D scene.

Using a simple-to-understand user interface, users can quickly learn how to move items around the scene, add new items, and configure complex products like sofas.

Users are able to view their customised garden set in their home, using AR and when they are happy with their design they are able to review the products and add them into their shopping cart.

Visual Creation

As part of the engagement Moda chose to use our Visual Creation service to create 3D models for the software and CGI studio and lifestyle imagery, that would be used on the website and in their marketing.

The results

Moda Furnishing went live with Fixtuur in early 2022 and has seen great success and engagement from their customers.

Website visitors are now able to design, visualise and purchase their perfect, bespoke outdoor furniture set, something that was impossible prior to deploying Fixtuur.

We are already seeing high levels of engagement since we launched Fixtuur on our site recently. We're excited to expand further across our full product range.

- Chris Gillespie
Head of IT, Moda Furnishings
Chris Gillespie