3 Meanings Behind Our New Brand

We’ve recently made the bold decision to rebrand from DigitalBridge to Fixtuur. Our newly launched Visual Commerce Platform marks the start of a new chapter in our business and it felt like the right time to shed our previous identity and embrace the new. 

The name DigitalBridge was inspired by the concept of bridging the imagination gap, which was the original vision and purpose behind our company. Fast forward a few years, and the business has evolved and expanded in new directions that this name no longer felt like a true and relevant representation.

Although we were quiet on social media and our website for much of last year, there was a lot happening behind the scenes. Towards the end of 2021 we were ready to start sharing the exciting things the team were working on. Cue the rebrand!

Our final logo designs

Why Fixtuur?

After lots of ideation sessions, research and back and forth, we landed on Fixtuur for our new brand name. The meaning behind the Fixtuur brand can be broken down into three parts: 

  1. We love that it nods to how our client’s customers use our platform to plan rooms by fitting shapes together to build the bigger picture. Our tools are used by people who are “fixing-up” rooms and houses, and so the word “Fixtuur” taps into that, along with the icon which when turned 45 degrees anti-clockwise, takes the shape of a house. 
  1. Our designer took inspiration from origami when designing our icon. It can be viewed as a hexagon that has been folded over on itself to take on a new identity. This represents how we are in the business of helping our clients to transform and deliver enhanced customer experiences. 
  1. Our little icon has been designed to look like it’s in-motion to represent how our company is agile and ever-changing, meaning that we’re continually developing and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 
The Fixtuur colour palette.

The unique spelling of Fixtuur (pronounced ‘fixture’) meant that we were able to obtain the .com domain, and while this certainly isn’t the be-all and end-all, it sure makes for a nice and tidy URL. All of our @fixtuur social handles were easy to obtain too. 

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3 Meanings Behind Our New Brand

We’ve recently made the bold decision to rebrand from DigitalBridge to Fixtuur. Read on to discover the three meanings behind our new brand...

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